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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Steps and Measures

We are taking the following precautions and are advising or implementing the following procedures for our customers and staff accordingly. This is for our staff and most importantly our customers’ wellbeing.

Surveys and quotations.

Please do not be offended if we do not shake your hand on arrival. We are still available for measures and onsite quotations and are happy to meet you face to face if you are feeling well. However, if you are elderly / self-isolating or feel vulnerable with this virus we can implement the following precautions.

If you can unlock your garage on our arrival we can measure and talk through the various options / range of doors and operators we have to offer via telephone from outside of your property and post a sealed brochure through your post box and talk you through the various options. We can then either (preferably) Email you your individual quotation or post them if you prefer. We will also wipe down all surfaces you may need to operate your existing door.


Generally, the same applies as our Surveys and quotations, seen above. We can call you on arrival and you can leave any handsets, keys etc outside and you can discuss the problem you have via telephone from inside your property. Again, all handsets / keys and handling surfaces will be wiped down / anti-bacterial wiped on our departure. 

New doors installations and handover.

Although its always nice, please do not be offended if we refuse a cup of tea or coffee from you. We will need to talk through the operation of every manual and automatic door with all our customers. Again, we can do this face to face if you are feeling well or again via telephone or from distance inside your garage. All surfaces, keys, handles, handsets and push buttons will again be anti-bacterial wiped / cleaned on handover. A log book for automated doors needs to be filled out by us with both parties to sign off the completed installation. We can leave this with you for you to complete and post back to us later if you prefer.

Invoicing and payments

We never ask for deposits for new installations, so no payment is applicable with your order. We are so confident in our work and do not expect to be paid until the installation is complete and our customers are satisfied. Invoices for installations are either emailed or posted as per customer preference. We never ask for onsite payment with any of our repairs.

Payments can be made via online banking or send us a cheque though the post.


Our Honiton showroom is still open by appointment if you wish to see the range of doors we have to offer. Please call us first to make sure we are there - we may well be out fitting doors and surveying.

Again, handsets, keys, handles and touchable surfaces will be cleaned throughout our showroom on the departure of every customer. Handwipes are available for customers to use onsite.


We feel being responsible at this difficult time is a must for both parties. If you have any further queries or requests, Please feel free to contact us direct by phone, Email or our contact page for further advise.


Peter Bonetta

First Light Home Improvements / Garage doors Honiton

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